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Staff Development Connection

Staff Development Mission Statement
Staff Development is an on-going and comprehensive process to provide personal and professional growth, and to improve the education of students through improved individual expertise.

Staff Development Members
Tina Gilge, PES
Dave Scholz, PES
Kevin Wellman, PhMS-PHS
Rachel Hoffman, District
Katherine Peterson, District
Vicki Spacek, PES
Garith Pipkorn, PES/PhMS/PHS
Kim Fuhr, PHS
The committee has representation from all buildings. New members are always welcome to join our team.
Committee Tasks
  • Prepare, circulate collect, and tabulate surveys to plan for future staff development options.
  • Plan for and contact presenters
  • Plan for Staff Development Days throughout the year.
  • Professional Reflection
  • Professional Development Questionnaire
  • Needs Survey
Goals (Preparing Students for Tomorrow)
Teachers will improve student learning through improved knowledge of the following areas:
  • Educator Effectiveness
  • RTI
  • Data-Informed Decisions
  • Common Core Standards
  • Constructive Accountability
  • Balanced Assessment
  • Support for School Environment