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Teaching and Learning

The School District of Phillips is committed to providing strong universal teaching with a specific focus on the school board approved standards. We recognize the importance of aligning our content with the educational goals as outlined in the standards, and we are committed to supporting educators and learners in achieving these standards.

Our educators use a wide range of materials, including articles, videos, and interactive tools, to implement the approved standards in their classrooms. We also provide resources for learners to help them succeed in meeting these standards and developing the skills and knowledge necessary for academic and personal growth.
Phillips Elementary School and Phillips Middle School are eligible to receive Title I services.  Important information about our Title I programs are included in the Parent's Right to Know.
In addition, parents of each student attending any Title I school may request information regarding any State or local educational agency policy regarding student participation in any mandated assessments.  Our local guidelines are in alignment with the state guidelines which are:  "When a parent or guardian requests that the student be excused from participating in the WSAS, this request must be honored at grades 4, 8, 9-11, per Wis. Stats. 118.30(2)(b)3.. This request may come at any time during the testing window. All students excused by parent opt-out are marked as “not tested” students in school and district reporting determinations."

NOTE: Testing is something in life everyone must do in some form or another, whether it be a college exam, CPR training, or a professional certification exam. The child's attitude and the attitude of those around the child will determine a great deal about how they may perform on the test that day. Encouraging a child to do their best to show their knowledge and skill will aid them in doing well and forming good testing habits as they grow into adults.  (Source: DPI Assessment FAQ)
The School District of Phillips uses a variety of state and local assessments to measure progress for students.  A comprehensive list of assessments that are given, the subjects that are tested, the purpose of the assessments, information on when and where data is available, the length of time the testing takes, and the schedule and format for sharing results is outlined in the District Assessments document linked below.
In addition, state assessment data can be looked up on WISEdash public website.  The video below outlines how to get started using the website.
State testing and other district/school data is reported out on the DPI report cards.