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6-12 Schools Home

Phillips 6-12 Schools have nurtured young adults through caring and education for years. The tradition continues this year and through our dedicated staff, a strong curriculum, and a thirst for learning, it will continue for years to come. Visit us at our Phillips 6-12 Schools campus today and see how we are taking the right steps to a positive future!

Looking for the supplies lists for your children?
Please visit our 'Files and Documents' link to the right to access the information you are looking for. Navigate to the '6-12' folder, followed by the 'Supplies Lists' folder to access the list(s) you are looking for. Have a fantastic new year!
To Request Transcripts:
Please send an email to [email protected] or fax a request to 715-339-2144. Please include your name (as it was on the transcript and as it is now), the year you graduated, and where you need the transcript sent (please include address if possible).

Looking to connect with the 6-12 Schools Main Office?

Phillips 6-12 Schools Contact Information
Kay Belan
Phillips 6-12 Schools Administrative Assistant
Direct Phone: 715.339.2141, extension 5000
Email: [email protected]

Colin Hoogland
Phillips 6-12 Schools Principal
Direct Phone: 715.339.2141 ext. 5002
Email: [email protected]

The School District of Phillips is currently in the process of publishing a complete online home dedicated to the Phillips 6-12 Schools. We are excited to provide our users with an immersive platform for all students, employees, families, and our community in grades 6-12.