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Hello and welcome to my page. This is not a bio of me as my bio is pretty boring. Rather it is a resource for parents and students. If you are missing an assignment or were absent you can most likely find the activity we did that day on this page. The menu to the right has each unit's activities, assignments, notes, etc. listed as downloadable pdfs, ppts, and docx. Feel free to use them. Also, you will find a page that has links to news articles, websites and other resources that are connected to that unit. I will be updating and adding to these pages as we go through each unit.
I do not Facebook friend students but will accept parent requests if that is important to you. My Facebook page is pretty boring as my wife updates it with family photos. Below is my contact information. Please do not hesitate to use it. I also work at Birchland Realty and am in their office from 6:00-7:00 AM and 4:00-6:00 PM most days so you may have to leave a message or text but I will get back to you. 
Rich Clinton
715-780-0029 (cell)
715-339-2141 ext. 4007 (school)
715-339-3969 (home)
PS Many of these resources and activities are taken directly from Kevin Roughton's excellent materials. He is truly a "Teacher Extraordinaire." I invite you to explore and enjoy his website: